We invest alongside our partners, working as hard for you as we do for ourselves.

Our firm specializes in selective, integrated exposure to various investment strategies. As stewards of our own capital, we offer our partners the benefit of our investment experience, comprehensive due diligence, and industry-leading transparency, providing access to what we believe are the industry’s most sought-after investment professionals.

We are an independent, privately-held, and owner-operated investment management firm, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Adviser since 2012. We partner with individuals and family offices, foundations, endowments, corporate and public pension plans, and other tax-exempt investors. We believe our partners help us to be better investors.

The minute you get away from the fundamentals—whether it’s proper technique, work ethic, or mental preparation—the bottom can fall out of your game.
— Michael Jordan (AIM13 Letter, February 21, 2018)



Our History




A Generation of Growth

Our firm’s roots go back to 1999 when two families partnered to invest primarily in private equity and hedge fund strategies. Beginning in 2003, we brought in value-add partners, including CEOs, heads of private equity firms, finance professionals, lawyers, bankers, and former government officials to invest alongside us. By expanding the firm’s network in this way, we enhanced our sourcing, access, and due diligence capabilities. In 2006, we began accepting tax-exempt capital, attracting investments from foundations, endowments, pensions, and non-US partners.

We believe AIM13 has earned a reputation for unique access and rigorous due diligence. We now manage over $1 billion for approximately 450 partners, with over 10% of firm assets from internal and affiliated individuals. Consistent with our history and tradition, AIM13’s culture is one that pursues an ultimate alignment of interest among the firm, its partners, and the investment professionals we choose to partner with.

Giving Back

AIM13 believes in giving back.  We are proud to list below just some of the organizations to which our team members contribute their time and resources.